Living Authentically, Through Your Soul

We have the ability to connect through our souls any time we like, and live at a much higher frequency than is normal for Gaia. And it's not that difficult to do once you get the feeling for what vibrational shift feels like. Imagine a rock concert, music playing very loud, the entire crowd around … Continue reading Living Authentically, Through Your Soul


The Physics of Consciousness Part #1

The Physics of Consciousness GAIA 2.0, Welcome to Quantum Earth Matthew J Holden Conceptual Engineer, Philosopher, Metaphysicist May 24/2018 (This is part 1 of a multi-part series defining Quantum Mechanics, it’s true Nature, And how to use this magnificent science to reshape human  civilization inline with our true nature - Perfection) Introduction This article will lay … Continue reading The Physics of Consciousness Part #1

Transcending Inadequacy. Healing Low Self Worth, Anxiety & Depression

Inadequacy or low Self Worth remains one of the largest tragedies on Earth. Low Self Worth paralyzes one's life with anxiety and fear usually leading to depression. I’ve spent most of my life suffering from this condition, it should be at the top of the medical professions “To-Do” list, but it isn’t. Solving this problem … Continue reading Transcending Inadequacy. Healing Low Self Worth, Anxiety & Depression