Struggling with the Speed of Ascension

One of the hardest aspects of Ascension is keeping up with the speed Spirit creates in the new energy. As human beings we have gotten used to a rather slow pace of evolvement. Spirit likes to move very quickly and very efficiently. It’s taken me a long time, 8 plus years, to come to this realization.

Haven fallen far behind my souls original ascension plan, I always wondered how I got so out of place. Am I broken? Is there something wrong with me? These are the common questions that arise when one isn’t used to a much faster paced reality. The new energy brings with it alot more knowledge and potential for our species, and a very quick pace of change, much quicker than the last few thousand years of evolution has prepared us for. There’s no time for laziness in the new energy. Fall down and fall behind.

As a species moving into a mature view of reality, it’s expected we evolve with this energy and drop the drama’s that consume our time, the habits that slow us down, and all that once defined … humanity.

In this energy we become an efficient species that solves its problems in a responsible, non-dramatic way; leaving much more time and energy for the pleasures of life. This has not been the case throughout recent human history (last few thousand years) where change simply did not occur and stagnation was the norm. Well no more!

If you find yourself struggling to keep up, it’s because you’ve not adapted to the acceleration. We are on an accelerated Ascension path so big changes will become the norm from now on. That includes politics, business, economics, culture, and everything else. The new energy supports productivity and thus doesn’t look kindly on the non-productive habits that have defined us as a species for so long.

If your like me and struggling to adapt to the faster paced reality, that’s OK. You’re not alone. Most of us are. When the planet goes into a dimensional shift, even if you know it’s coming, can still be a challenge to align with the new reality.


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