5 Steps to Becoming an Angel on Earth

To become Angelic we must learn to think like angels. While we cannot know for sure how an angel thinks, we can use our imaginations to create a concept that’s just as real. We can imagine scenarios, real situations and ask …

“How would an Angel think about this, react, and act in a given situation?”

Then think of situations where you’d be scared to death and how an Angels attitude would differ from yours. It’s remarkable how this simple exercise never ceases to change my perspective of reality and motivates me to want to kick my life into another gear.

I want to be very clear, this is not just an intellectual exercise. This is about changing our attitudes from fear based to positive; and using cognitive exercises and imagination to recreate ourselves inline with a better version of who we want to be.This Works! With practice and discipline we can become whomever we choose so long as we desire it enough.

Step # 1: The Scenario

The scenario we use to play this game depends on what scares you and what intrigues you. I’ll give an example that I used when I invented this exercise:

It’s WWII and your a captain leading a team against the Nazis. You and your team have been entrenched for days and You’re about to charge the Nazi lines a few hundred yards away. What’s your thinking?

If you’re a normal human being then you’re probably scared to death, I would be. Any reasonable person would be. Just imagine having that job and looking into the faces of the young Men you’re leading potentially to their deaths. Now, think about your gut reaction, imagine how awful you would feel being covered in dirt, hungry, miserable, and about to die. Can you imagine that? Good, now imagine what a real angel in that exact scenario, playing a human, would think.

Step # 2: Angel Thinking

Angels have no fear of death. They have complete certainty of their infiniteness and no fear whatsoever, their perspective of reality is vastly different from ours. Death doesn’t enter they’re minds because they have full awareness of existence beyond the veil. When I imagine this scenario, I imagine the Angel is excited, and thinks he has the coolest job in the world. Where else would an Angel want to be besides fighting the Nazis in WWII. That’s the best place ever! The Angel Captain would be in full love with the situation and unable to control his/ her excitement at this amazing opportunity. What a difference in perspective!

Imagine the troops are down, depressed, and the Angel walks by happier than you can imagine, he’s the luckiest Angel in the universe getting to fight the Nazis, and the effect his incredible attitude has on the team he captains is contagious. He lifts everyone’s spirit, not just in the moment, but belief they can win! The entire moral of the team is completely changed from having a Captain who’s afraid. Clearly imagining this scenario in all it’s details is key.

Step # 3: Comparing Perspectives

I say this exercise can change ones life because it can, if you understand the significance of the Angel’s Perspective of Reality. How could anyone enjoy being in a War? An Angel does because an Angel lives for these kinds of things. A human seeks comfort, it’s how our brains evolved; an Angel seeks glory & Excitement. The Angel only thinks of having the most amazing experience it can, and fighting the Nazis is as good as it gets.

I find this exercise enormously enlightening because its a glimpse of how human thinking differs from spiritual thinking in re-aligning our perspective with larger truths. If we are in fact divine infinite beings, Angels in a sense, how are we living our life? Are we really going for it? Are we really living? Or are we getting by? In a routine, and living safely?

This angel exercise has the potential of showing us how “In the box” we truly are and how far from true Spiritual Thinking we are. Would you have the attitude of the angel?

Step # 4: Analyzing One’s Life

How far from Angel thinking are you? How much is fear dominating your life without you even knowing it?

Most fears are subconscious and our brains love the familiar, we are socialized to conform. Most of our lives are spent doing the mundane and the excitement we had as children has disappeared.

This simple exercise can transform your life if you allow it to. Where are you playing it safe? Are you really going for it? If you were thinking like an angel, how would your life change?

Dr. Nathaniel Branden, the world’s foremost expert on self esteem and author of many books including, “How to Raise Your Self Esteem” taught a simple technique to find the answers buried in the subconscious called sentence completion. We start with a premise and then write 6-10 answers as fast as we can to the thought. Try this one …

If I were truly An Angel, I’d …

Complete this exercise and you’ve just learned alot about yourself. Here are some of my answers …

  • have to rethink everything
  • completely restructure my life
  • stop wasting time on useless things
  • get busy on the books I want to write
  • realize I’m not living fearlessly at all
  • realize I have so much to do and times running out
  • have to get a lot more disciplined with myself
  • change my attitude towards life completely

If your honest with this exercise you’ll get some amazing answers and realize how far in limitation you really are. It can be an eye opener and an opportunity to make necessary changes to one’s life.

Step # 5: Installing the Angel You

Neville Goddard was a metaphysical thinker before metaphysics was a thing. In the 1950’s he wrote many books discussing the Law of Assumption — My favourite is “The Power of Awareness.” The law of assumption states to become what you desire, you must assume it already exists in your imagination, with discipline, until it is. Mr. Goddard tells miraculous stories of the success of this technique for creating miracles in one’s life.

To take your life to the next level and past all conceivable limits it’s time to implement Angel thinking. This requires the utmost in dedication and commitment to your life, and seeing what’s currently impossible, as a sinch.

Imagine yourself as already having the Angel Attitude and experience your new reality and call it forth into existence. Refuse any evidence to the contrary as blasphemy. Practice your new self and create the life you always wish you had. A life worthy of an Angel.

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