Imagination Creates Reality

I was thinking the other night that to Think, is to vibrate. That the quality of our thoughts, can be measured scientifically for their vibration, and that vibration is our vibrational recording which could be measured throughout the day …

Our thoughts are our vibration, and those thoughts can be mastered with awareness, practice, and persistence. over time, with practiced awareness, we get better at remaining aware, and thinking, and feeling … who we truly are.

This brings up another aspect of the physics of our consciousness, and that’s how do we define a “Thought?”

Is it simply what we think, or is it feelings, verbiage … what is thinking anyway … an objective definition? For now, we’ll characterize “thinking,” as either, a thought, feeling, or word, because they’re all related, and beliefs for our beliefs form our subconscious thinking patterns that govern our lives. Most of the time we are unconscious, thus our thinking is our habitual activities, which constitutes thinking … the Automatic kind.

What’s interesting is how we define action in relation to thinking. Is action simply an effect of thinking, a byproduct of it, and if this is the case, can we say that thinking and action are ONE? If so, if they are one, how does one change both their thinking and actions to bring them into alignment with our highest life choices. This doesn’t have to be related to Spirituality or advanced physics, but how do we as human beings CHANGE efficiently? Isn’t this like the “Secret of the Ages” stuff? How does one become what they desire instead of living life as a Victim of Circumstance? 

It’s interesting the word “Victim” comes up in this discussion. Much, well entirelly my Ascension has been about overcomming my thoroughly engrained “Victim” Thinking that has caused so much difficulty in my life. How does one exit Victimology once one has contracted it? How does one drop a lifetimes worth of negative experrience and becomme an Authentically different person?

I’ve read many a book who’s mantra was “You are what you think, “It’s an all-time slogan of the self-help gurus and loyal followers; of which I am surely one.

Quantum Mechanics doubles down on the “Think” paradigm and even writes it into the core of the universe as law. It’s no longer philosophy … its physics. Metaphysics, in particular, is the future of humanity … that’s how things that don’t exist as apart of the physical plane … such as thoughts … are in reality … the makers of reality. Thus, Metaphysics opens doors that were previously unavailable to humanity because we were operating under a false paradigm:

Newtonian Physics: Brain does the thinking.

Quantum Physics: Thinking, is a function of consciousness, which precedes the brain in the creational order; which means physicality is a secondary construct of a metaphysically driven Absolute plane … the Quantum, Spiritual realm. The Newtonianists are really not going to like where this science goes … because they’ve already lost but don’t know it yet.

If raising our vibrations is the essence of enlightenment … and our thoughts are what’s vibrating … then how does one go about changing their thinking? What is the process?

My work this lifetime has centered on this discussion, how does one change their thinking to become a more functional human being, and not having to feel Inadequate for life. It seems the practical conclusions of modern psychology, one changes behavior through repetitive action, is in line with Quantum thinking, only the quantum version includes visualization as the cornerstone of creating. We change our vibration through a visualization process that includes repetitive action as the result.

Maxwell Maltz in psycho cybernetics was the first to document this science in a big way and bring it truly mainstream: that our body cannot tell the difference between whats real, and whats vividly imaginned. Which begs the question, is our entire reality simply imaginatory, with a physical appearrance?

If what we imagine is interpreted by the brain the same as what happens in what we define as “Physical Reality,” then the solution to vibrating higher, healing, and pretty much whatever we can imagine … is in our imaginations. Because the brain makes no distinction between the two. We are then what we have imagined ourselves to be, not what we truly are, or may become.

With our imaginations being this powerful, it’s amazing there isn’t a single class in school on how to use it effectively. How to practice visualization such that it can be used for creating the life of our dreams. May I live to see a day where that class exists in primary-school, along with reading, writing, and arithmetic.


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