Ascension for Beginners

Anyone new to Spirituality or Ascension will require a primer on the basics. This post is designed to give you the very basics of what Ascensio is and why it’s important.

DISCLAIMER: This is my view, given all I have learned and descerned regarding Ascension through the years. It is not designed to make anyone wrong or me right, it is not the difinitive guide on ascension because the topic is vast, and much is beyond our species current understanding. If you have disagreements with my version, or think it’s nonsense … MORE POWER TO YOU. I wish you the best.

We will start at the beginning, how we came to be on Earth …

Humanity 1.0

Evolution is the darling of science and I’m not going to smash it completely, simply update the history such that it’s correct, at least more than is currently believed.

The human species did evolve on Earth, however, the evolutionary process is submissive to the spiritual workings of the universe. The science of how our species came to be on Earth follows a linear trajectory through time, missing the Big Stuff.  Like the fact, our species was selected for Earth as part of a Galactic-Spiritual Ritual, that allows a single planet of free choice to exist and choose its fate.

Our parent species is the Pleiadians, a humanoid looking bunch from the Pleiades Star Cluster. What’s important is understanding there’s a lineage of races that traces back through the history of Planets of Free Choice whom each decide their own fates based on the vibrational frequency of their collective consciousness.

Each species has complete free will to do as it pleases, live in harmony,  or destroy each other; the universe doesn’t care. However, choosing the path of enlightenment gives a species access to certain benefits as it crosses specific markers of Consciousness. The primary benefit is awareness and Access to one’s Higher Self.

The Higher Self

In the Spiritual belief system, each human is a soul which incarnates on Earth repeatedly for the purpose of experiencing different aspects of Consciousness. The Soul is multi-dimensional and not singular, meaning one aspect has the human experience while another remains on the other side of the veil of unknowing; that aspect we call The Higher Self – it’s the part of us that remains fully aware of who we are and exists as apart of the collective spirit known as God. 

Spirituality is based on a fundamental … That We Are God, and everything is One.

Our Higher Self is sometimes referred to as our GodSelf, and is a part of our consciousness that isn’t external to ourselves, but internal. Each soul is its own self-contained unit and in unity with the collective consciousness of the creator. Both aspects exist simultaneously – self & collective – which represent the Masculine and Feminine aspects of reality, respectively.

Ascension, in terms of human evolution, is the shifting of human consciousness from a vibrational rate of 33% consciousness efficiency to an increased vibrational rate of 44%, shifting operating systems from the mechanical fear-based brain to an Intuitional Model Connected to one’s Higher Self.  I’ll repeat that because it’s the basis of everything happening on the planet, and the root concept underpinning Ascension …


… As a planet chooses Ascension, each soul goes through its own awakening where the corporeal consciousness, human beings, become aware of their higher-self and begins the process of becoming a multi-dimensional consciousness — unifying with it’s Godself. This includes the human being shedding its dependence on the brains fear-based mechanical operating system, to a far more advanced Intuitive Model where we live day to day at a much higher level of awareness and plugged into infinite intelligence through our Higher Self. We live, with knowledge, awareness, and connected to our personal creator.

This is the gist of Ascension, and it can be a tumultuous process because shifting operating systems requires the moving of the human through their learned EGOIC-FEARS AND BECOMING … AUTHENTIC. WHO WE TRULY ARE. Moving through one’s deepest fears, in trust and faith, with one’s higher self, is both exhilarating and potentially … terrifying. In addition, the trauma we’ve accumulated through our incarnations on a 3rd density fear based planet, have to be healed, meaning a revisit and releasing to all that trauma … on a planetary level.

As much as Ascension is a truly beautiful and life-changing event, releasing all the karmic trauma and pushing past one’s fears can be a roller-coaster ride as our soul doesn’t care much for “Playin it safe.” It desires a full life experience full of risk, ups & downs, it craves authentic experience and will test our emotional limits until we have achieved “Breakthrough.” 

Breakthrough represents the death of the Human fear-based Ego and an end to conditional self-esteem, as we remove our belief system and live Intuitively … Naturally … As God intended. 




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