Living Authentically, Through Your Soul

We have the ability to connect through our souls any time we like, and live at a much higher frequency than is normal for Gaia. And it’s not that difficult to do once you get the feeling for what vibrational shift feels like.

Imagine a rock concert, music playing very loud, the entire crowd around you is going insane, and your in a Peak Moment Experience, totally present, maybe for the first time in years, or ever, so totally in the moment that everything else is irrelevant for just … for … this … moment … it’s just you and the music, everything else … disappears.

That, ladies and gentleman is a peak experience, it’s when you’ve reached a frequency that aligns with the soul frequency, becoming your soul active fully in reality. For a brief moment, you have changed dimensions, imagine … just a few hours earlier you were sitting in your office desk, boreed to tears, hating your life, deeply in the 3rd dimension … then, a few hours later we dimensional shift, momentarily, into full 5th density, a totally present, in the moment, active vibrational soul experience … for just a moment, we experience full awareness. Aligned in a Quantum Entangled state with your soul, in peak experience, one of the few times in your life … you experienced true Authenticity. The Real You. The you your soul waits for every day, in its infinite self, waiting on it’s corporal to connect. To reach an emotional experience so pure, so real, so alive, that the physical self raises its dimensional vibration … AND BECOME ONE with the soul in Resonance.

Such moments are rare in a life, in 3rd dimension. However, as we raise our collective vibration, these Spiritually Authentic experiences become more frequent. EVENTUALLY EVERY DAY, AND THEN .. ALL DAY EVERY DAY. 24/7 AUTHENTICITY. That’s 5th Dimensional living.

More to Come …


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