You are Your Higher Self

Quantum Mechanics has been around for 100 years and is considered modern Physics, but the experts don’t understand it yet. They have no idea what they’re dealing with. In this article, I will discuss the Quantum Parameters of the Higher Self. By the end, you will have a much better understanding of the relationship between spirituality, Physicalism, and how they interrelate. Specifically, that we are our Higher Selves, and the physics governing the concept.

We will begin with a simplistic primer on the distinction between physical and Quantum science. Physical science deals in matter, and the mechanics of moving matter around, like driving your car. Quantum Physics, on the other hand, deals with energy & consciousness. It’s a radically different physics, as we will see. Where Physical science, that which we have been thoroughly taught on Earth, uses energy to move objects, Quantum Science is based on the Vibration & Frequency of energy, or consciousness. Let’s simplify the concept:

Think of yourself as vibrating energy. You look Physical, Appear Physical, but you’re not. You are made of vibrating energy, your soul is made of vibrating energy, everything. Think of yourself as conscious energy vibrating. Like a sine wave oscillating creating you.

Excellent, now that we’re vibrating energy, let’s see how that science helps us understand our relationship with out Higher Selves.

It’s Quantum Baby

Just as the root of yourself is Quantum, so’s you’re Higher Self. You are One. The Higher Self is you at 100% awareness. Which means he/she knows everything about all your lifetimes, and everything learned in those lifetimes, but he/she exists outside our frequency of spacetime. When you’re born, an aspect of the higher self becomes you, operating at a limited Human consciousness. So, focus your eyes on the page in front of you, what’s perceiving the page? What’s reading? That’s you, which is the higher self’s view of reality, just like a video game. But REAL.

Let’s run through the logic of this quickly so you get it. Quantum Physics is a consciousness derived physics. All things are energy vibrating at differing speeds. There is a singular Consciousness that forms the Universe, and that consciousness is split, fractally, into unlimited smaller consciousness. Both you and your high self are derivative consciousnesses from the main consciousness.

What you are is the aspect of your higher self-that’s in physicality perceiving it, just like an advanced video game. Move your hand around in front oy your face … there you go … now you get it…

… Virtual Reality.

With every lifetime, the higher self pays another visit to Corporeal-Ville for another trip in Gaia, just like a video game. And the Higher Self remembers all the lifetimes, and has all the experience, healthcare, and wisdom from a previous 5th Density experience 50,000 years ago. When Earth was 5D previously. So, your Higher Self is very experienced at this.

To try and picture this, look at the picture below.

I would like for you to stop, for a second, and fully grasp what was communicated. if your Higher Self is an aspect of the creative source, and that aspect is you, then by the law of mathematical substitution, you are God. I repeat … YOU ARE GOD.

One more time … YOU ARE GOD.

That’s the genius of Quantum Physics. It proves the truths of the Universe that were previously … IMPOSSIBLE.

The higher self has 100% awareness. You, as an aspect of the Higher Self playing here on Earth, have limited awareness or consciousness. Vibrating at about 33% efficiency. Ascension is moving from 33% awareness efficiency to 44% and full awareness that you are god.

Welcome to 5th Density Physics. Enjoy the ride.

When our perspective changes … so does reality.


This is the natural structure of the universe. Consciousness based structure through the soul. Each of us a separate entity and part of our Higher Self Soul Chain, among other chains, simultaneously. Everything being part of the same Oneness. And your more important than you believe you are.

Quantum Mechanics is a beautiful science, and over the course of weeks and months I will be happily teaching the inner workings of our universe and the inner workings of you. See you next time.

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