The Physics of Consciousness Part #1

Gaia 2.0The Physics of Consciousness

GAIA 2.0, Welcome to Quantum Earth

Matthew J Holden

Conceptual Engineer, Philosopher, Metaphysicist

May 24/2018

(This is part 1 of a multi-part series defining Quantum Mechanics, it’s true Nature, And how to use this magnificent science to reshape human  civilization inline with our true nature – Perfection)


This article will lay out the conceptual foundation of reality. A foundation our species has waited a very long time for. If one looks around, we can see that Gaia, our planet, is a mess. Why it’s a mess is often confused due to a Lack of understanding of reality. We look at our surrounding environment and draw erroneous conclusions about the nature of the dysfunction. We ASSUME we are to blame for the mess but a more honest appraisal suggests a lack of awareness is the cause.

(This article is personal. It represents the culmination of my life’s work … a life that was pretty dark, a life I wasn’t sure I wanted until recently. Darkness is a funny thing, it blinds you to the obvious sitting right in front of your face. It is my sincere intent that any human being who reads this article grasps the profundity of it’s contents, cognizes this material, and begins anew in their life’s journey with new confidence and boldness towards the reclamation of out planet … Gaia. )

This is a multi-part article that will be modularized for ease of understanding. Learning new languages takes years. Learning a new model of reality … generations. So relax if it all seems over your head. It was over mine for many years and I figured it out … kinda. Quantum Physics is like that, you’ll see 🙂

Concept #1

The Quantum Vibrational Model

Tesla Quote

What Mr. Tesla was referring to in the quotation above is Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics isn’t a physical physics, it’s Metaphysical or “Non-Physical.” SO what’s the big deal you might ask? Well … Everything.

Everything that happens on Earth is a product of our dominant thinking. All the Healthcare, the Private Sector, Government, Technology, Education … Everything is a product of out thinking. The reality we live in isn’t physical … but Metaphysical. Our thinking creates our reality. However, this is not what we believe. let me explain …

Let’s say you’re looking for a job and the economy is poor. You’re having a difficult time getting the job. Modern typical thinking is:

“Sure I can’t find a job, but there aren’t any. That’s fine, I’ll wait for the economy to improve.”

In the above quote, the gentleman assumes he cannot find a job because of SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF HIMSELF, such as … the economy. It’s generally accepted that reality is determined by forces outside of our control, such as the economy. Now, Quantum Physics says that’s bunk so lets understand how this works cause I’m about to collapse your entire 3-Dimensional world-view in about three seconds.

Newtonian vs Quantum

In modern Newtonian Physics, the economic story from above makes perfect sense, but not in Quantum Physics. From the Quantum perspective your thoughts, or more specifically, the vibration of your thoughts, create reality. The Physical aspect, such as the economy, is irrelevant. Whether or not you do or do not get the job, is determined by YOU. Nothing in the physical environment really matters. It appears reality is happening to us, however, that’s a perception. In reality we are creating it based on the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and feelings on the subject.

Vibrating Consciousness

In reality you’re not a physical entity, nor do you even exist in the way you think. What you really are is a VIBRATING FREQUENCY, a WAVEFORM. Just like the picture above. You are an aspect of consciousness who vibrates at a specific resonant frequency which creates what we describe as Physical Reality.

Frequency equals YOUConsciousness Creates Reality

This vibrating frequency which represents YOU to our left has many ideas about yourself, life, marriage, work, money … many attitudes or beliefs about the nature of reality. These attitudes or beliefs are what I am referring to when I mention “Thinking.” By thinking I do not mean what’s crossing your conscious mind, but your subconscious mind.

Not only do you spend 95% of your life “Unconscious,” meaning your subconscious is running the show, not you. But the majority of your values, beliefs and attitudes weren’t your decision. Most were implanted before the age of 7. How do you like that?

“Most of your primary life attitudes were determined by others before you were old enough to make a single choice.” (More on this later.)

Cause and EffectSeeing as what you really are is a vibrating wave of consciousness, wouldn’t it make sense to understand the Physics of how that consciousness works? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a science that could inform us as to HOW we could use our consciousness most efficiently to make life awesome?

That’s Quantum Physics … the study of consciousness. And what you are learning.

Now that we know that you are the cause of your own reality we’re going to expand the concept and show how this works on a larger scale.

Murica the VibrationThe Big Picture

From the Quantum perspective what’s the difference between an individual and a country?

Zilch. Nada. Nothin!

Quantum physics makes no distinction between an individual, a group, a country, or a planet.

Everything is energy and that energy vibrates.

You have your own unique vibration.

Each family, counting multiple people, has its own measurable vibration.

Each town has its own measurable vibration.

Each state or Province has its own measurable vibration.

Each Country has its own vibration.

Each Planet has its own vibration.

Now, listen up. Just as we can change your vibration and change your reality; so to can we change a countries vibration just as easily. Let me repeat that:

“The exact same physics that is used to change a single person’s life, is used to change a country or a planet … just as easily.”

Conclusion of Part #1

The genius of Quantum Physics is not simply you can optimize your own life, but once learned, we can optimize countries, continents and the world just as easily. There’s no reason to go one at a time. Why not fix continents with a snap of your fingers. That’s the power of Quantum Mechanics which you will be learning  … if you stick around.

In the next segment, we’ll be discussing Concept #2, “The Quantum Equation” and show how Quantum Physics is derived and how we use this understanding to perceive how our reality works.


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