Transcending Inadequacy. Healing Low Self Worth, Anxiety & Depression

DepressionInadequacy or low Self Worth remains one of the largest tragedies on Earth. Low Self Worth paralyzes one’s life with anxiety and fear usually leading to depression. I’ve spent most of my life suffering from this condition, it should be at the top of the medical professions “To-Do” list, but it isn’t. Solving this problem is not as difficult as it appears when we understand the science governing it.

Healing Low Self Worth, Anxiety & Depression

Visualize Yourself as You desire to be. This visualization creates an intention, a new frequency in your consciousness that is different from the current YOU. This tension is called Duality. When two frequencies, higher and lower, exist simultaneously, how do we make the two become one? Practice.

Our intention creates the new frequency as a potential, but it hasn’t yet been realized. The realization is through harmonizing the three aspects of self in unity, thought, word and action. Once all three are harmonized with the new potential, realization takes place and the new belief/Neural-groove becomes dominant and the old grove moves to the background.

Instilling the new belief requires much conscious control of yourself, and human beings have a great tendency to drift away from the present into past consciousness, otherwise known as programming.

The Old You

Programming represents the neural-grooves that have existed since childhood when your brain develops and you are a sponge. These neural-grooves, called beliefs, are running your life the 95% of the time that you’re not conscious/present.

Awareness is key. Once a new intention is created, a new self, the shifting of consciousness means shifting from an old neural groove to a new one. In the beginning this is challenging because the old groove is very deeply rooted and is comfortable. I will repeat that again – our old self is what we find comfortable. New grouves are uncomfortable to create because the 3D brain is designed for stasis, meaning no change. It is designed to maintain equilibrium and to avoid what it perceives as disharmony; you creating a new Belief/Self/Groove.

If you feel like it’s a battle, what you’re battling is your brains structured design to maintain the status quo and not seek growth, even though growth is what you desire. The old brain isn’t particularly intelligent, it’s bio-machinery, and for all the brains uses it is the biggest impediment to your development.


Accepting discomfort is necessary for growth. Many authors have written about the necessity to move outside your comfort zone. That comfort zone is your old thinking, beliefs and Neural pathways. Fear and anxiety is your brains method of keeping you where you’ve been programmed to stay. Facing your fears, learning to accept anxiety as a natural part of growth, is healthy. Staying inside grooves that don’t serve you leads to stagnation, self-loathing and diminishing happiness. The brain is wired for survival, not happiness.

Remember, we have been trained to perceive fear as as a sign of danger, this is not the case. Breaking this connection, that fear means danger, is key. Creating a new intent or affirmation associating facing one’s fears as a necessity for growth is healthy and very productive.

Along with your initial belief, creating a second intention, to re-frame one’s perception of fear would be very valuable as well. In fact, the ability to re-frame fear may be the most important belief to change for learning to act in the face of insecurity & GUARANTEES GROWTH.

An Example

Write down all the small things you are procrastinating on, set an intention to do them for the singular purpose of experiencing anxiety and becoming comfortable with it. Fear of one’s fear is the issue, not the fear itself. We aren’t attempting to achieve anything in particular except learning to accept anxiety and not run away from it. We make fear a synonym for growth and begin to grow.

You will find this is much easier than you currently believe for the brain offers up much resistance and anxiety that is an illusion. Stay grounded in REALITY, and not the illusions created through faulty thinking and unnecessary neural pathways. Take charge of your life and excel.

You know the new belief has been installed when your new desired action becomes habitual.

New Habit: Accepting Anxiety & Shame

Affirmation: Through Facing and Accepting my Negative Self, I Become My Highest Self. I Become Whole & Complete.

Visualization: In-vision yourself having Accepted your Negative Shame based Self, Faced down your Insecurities, and Become Whole & Complete.

Each of us has a positive and negative aspect, Integrating the negative aspect harmonizes the Self and we become balanced. Love and compassion/Connectedness, represent the feminine energy.

Courage, persistence, Confidence & Self Worth are apart of Individual self expression. These aspects are Masculine Energy. Harmonizing the two divine aspects of creation creates unity of the soul and a healthy human being.

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