My Journey to Ascension – Introduction

The purpose of this story is to tell the story of my ascension, day by day, with updates, to help others going through the same experience as myself. This journey defies description and will not be believed by most. Only those on their Ascension path or related to Spiritual concepts will be able to appreciate and understand the profoundness of this experience. I am humbled every day for all that has happened to me and all that is coming in the future. When God says Hello, everything changes.

Throughout my journey, my thinking, priorities and feelings change dramatically. Almost on a daily basis. Thus, this is really a story of my evolution. How one evolves from a state of nearly complete despair, depression, anxiety and death – to life, abundance, joy and Oneness. Going through this process is very emotionally difficult, as you shall see, the roller-coaster is a part of the experience. Nobody said evolving was easy, and in my moments of greatest despair I never believed I would recover, such was the state of my despair. However, as you shall learn, the universe had other plans.

Human beings have little idea of everything that is happening around us and little awareness of the pure genius of the reality in which we live. Ascension is a journey of awareness, growing as a person into the person our soul desires us to be. Not the person our family, society, friends or even ourselves want us to be. It is a challenge which requires of us the dropping of everything we thought was important and realigning to what IS important. This change in awareness is so profound, it requires many chapters to grasp because the layers of subtle belief changes that one endures along the way. I had no idea what was coming the next day only a vague idea that I was heading in some direction without knowledge of where that was to. Absolute Faith is what I needed to develop to not go insane.


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